May 3, 2009

English teachers

I,personally, have been learning English since kindergarden. I don't quite remember learning it at kindergarden, but I do remember that at that time I spoke English more than Croatian. When I was, for example, happy I would express it with English words. As probably every second kid in the world I used to watch Cartoon Network every day and eat a sandwich in front of the TV. In primary school I had five teachers and they were totally diffrent. The first one was old and we just had to learn what was in the book and we would have good grades.The second one was very young and very kind person. We used to communicate a lot about every day things, religion, countries and other stuff. She had private Italion lessons and I really wanted to attend because I wanted to learn another language with her and I know it would be easy. My third teacher had lived in London for five years before she came to our school. She was a very creative and intelligent teacher at the same time. I think you should be creative if you want to be an English teacher in other countries because if te lessons are monotonous, the kids would learn just things that you need for a good mark and kids would not learn words out of their lessons. The third teacher was my favourite because she had at the same time the knowledge to learn us how to learn English and the creativity to give us some motivation to learn English just like my English teacher in high school. You never know what she will give you today and Ilike her because of that.With her I've gain confidence with learning English and I had to because English is the most influencial language and everyone knows it. In the end my opinion is that English teachers have to be creative,they need to have experience with English culture and mentality, also they need to be patient with their students.I was lucky with my teachers and I think Croatia has many good English teachers.


  1. Thank you for the kind words about Croatian teachers.

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  3. I can agree with you, I have only good experiences with the English teachers =)