May 8, 2009

English- language of the 21 century

English is the most spread and important language in the world.It is world language,and it is spoken by more than 309 milion people.English language is used in most states and it plays a very important role in the cultural,political and economic sphere of society.

English language is derived form the Germanic tribe.It all started in the 5th century.The language was developing slowly,but one big step was made when English come to the USA.The language pushed the language of tribes of Indians,and now in the 21 st century Indian language barely exists.Since then English has taken the world.

I live in Croatia,a small but beautiful country.Most of people in the world have never heard of Croatia,but of course we heard about them.I have been studing English since th 5 grade of elementary school,and that language just fascinates me.It is always in use,and it is always important.It is a language that connects all people,and it is just amazing. If I want to speak with somebody from other countries there is a bigger chance that we will talk in English than any other language.If I want to work outside my country,I must speake English perfectly.If I want to work as a travel quite,English must be like my mother tongue.

Some people hate English ,some people adore it,but I think that all people should know at least basics of English and there life will be easier to them.Because it is the strongest language of the World.It is the language of the 21 st century.

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  1. You are right, Kristina. English is the language of the 21st century. I am glad you like learning it and find it useful.
    Do you think blogging helps? Do you think you learn more English with your teacher at school or in your free time doing other things in English?