Mar 31, 2009


Dear students,

Welcome to our blog!
I've created this space for us to interact and share interesting thought and ideas about English language. It could help us improve the level of English, too. What do you think?

Let's start blogging!


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  2. hi, I am Dorotea. I am looking forward to writing on this blog and reading other people's essays.

  3. Hi everyone. The name's Leo and I would like lo join the coop! I like reading and writing, especially if it's interesting. This is kinda my first blog, so... God help me that this thing doesn't blow in my face. I'm just kidding. Anyway, where do we start?

  4. Hi Dorotea and Leo,
    welcome to our blog!
    Now you start preparing your essay about English language.
    I hope you'll have a lot of fun during our spring break and, of course, I'm looking forward to reading your essays when we come back to school in 10 days.

  5. Ok, now what are we gonna do?

  6. Hello,My name is Kristina.
    I am also looking forward to writing very interesting and educational essays.