Mar 31, 2009

Do you speak English?


  1. Hi Sanja, nice video. :-) Speaking of English speakers... I often hear my students in Slovenia say that British English native speakers are more difficult to understand for them than American. Do you guys agree?
    Also hi to the 2 wall stalkers from Zagreb, who sent graffiti to - Catherine23 and IvanGGG - loved your contributions, thanks. Keep in touch.

  2. Hi people I am Valentin from gornjogradska high school and i think that this video is very funny. However, it is a bit short, it was really amazing and I think it should be nominated for Oscar in category of "short funny movies". I'm very inspired by movie so I'm going to direct my own as soon as I finish writing my esay.

  3. Hi Valentin and Dina,
    welcome to our blog!
    I'm looking forward to your contributions.
    I hope you'll make that video together and that we'll be the first to see it here.

  4. Hello Sanja, i really like this video and it would be great to find some other videos as funny as this one.

    ivana p

  5. Good morning teacher,I have finnaly posted my English around the world essay.The video is great.I love it.Hope that your project will work

  6. Hello=) I am Kristina from gornjogradska high school,I think that this video is very fuuny and interesting...I like it