Jun 3, 2009

Famous scientist

Marie Sklodowska Curie (November 7, 1867 – July 4, 1934)

Don't start thinking I dislike Croatian scientists, it's just Marie's field of studies that I'm attracted to. So, Marie Curie is a physicist and chemist with both Polish and French citizenship.She was born in Warsaw but studied in France, where she got all the diplomas and got her scientific work done.
Famous for discovery of two elements : Polonium and Radium. As a pioneer in the field of radioactivity she was the first person ever honored with two Nobel prizes :-) ! Before her death, she founded the Curie Institute in Warsaw and Paris.
Marie Curie died from aplastic anemia which is certainly contracted from exposure to radiation.

I would say that the results of Curie's work were epoch making!
In medicine, the radioactivity of Radium appeared to offer a means by which cancer could be successfully attacked ! Not to forget the immense meaning of sources of the radioactivity with which Rutherford probed the structure of the atom.
Curie was just ahead of her time, so emancipated and independent !

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