Apr 29, 2009

English around the world

Since I live in Croatia , it is perfectly normal for me to speak English.People in small countries have no choice but to learn other languages , because certanly noune will trouble themselves by learning a language that only 4 million people use.
I've visited many countries so far.I guess I've been lucky.And in most of them people spoke English.It doesn't matter whether they are fluent or not.What matters is that people today think that best chance of communicating with someone is by using English.Simple as that.They are usually right .English is all around us.Most of the world knows famous American singers or bands.The films we watch are usually in English.French used to be a diplomatic language,but now it is only an extra point to speak it.
Knowing English well is important.I have gained a lot by knowing and using English language.It helped me during my voyages and voyages helped me in learning English better.To know a different language allows one to also recognise another cultures.It helps to broaden one's views.Learning languages and using the know ledge after-wards enriches the spirit and at the end of the day brings people closer to one another.


  1. You are right, Sanela. It's hard to imagine how different our lives would be without English.
    I hope you'll keep on travelling (and learning English) and that you'll write about it on our blog.

  2. HY. I can agree that learning languages brings people closer to one another.
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